Thursday, 21 February 2013


All of us keep things inside, I mean, emotionally, not literally. Anyway, we don’t normally tell those secrets to anyone else, out of fear, out of reluctance. We are expected to be strong and independent. People said that once we've done a mistake, we will know how to avoid it.

Things, however, take a lot of different course. There will come a moment that affects us so deeply that it will be ingrained in our minds. It haunts us and we might need help, we need to vent it out, lest it will fester and become a great burden, but then again, many of us are so afraid of telling others what lies inside our hearts. We are afraid that no one wants to listen to us or perhaps that they’d leave after they've known our secrets.

We are so fearful of being seen as damaged, we think that what we feel is fatuous and unattainable, that we are actually different. No one will ever look at us the same again. Other people will never feel the same. They don’t know. Keeping things is easier than facing the perceptions of other people.

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