Thursday, 5 September 2013

I Am Now A SIXER!!!

Ahhh, the joy of being a Sixer [well, almost]… I spent like 10 times trying to get the timetables correct for both Group A and B… the heck with that? Now, stop the negativity, let’s start with love.

Part 6 a.k.a. Semester 6 will begin real soon, and I say, I am so pumped for it, okay, pumped and scared too because of the certain courses and certain lecturers [tell me who doesn’t?], but yeah, being a Sixer is a new adventure.

In fact, it’s the last semester for me here in Shah Alam. Next year, I’ll be flying back to IPGaya, KK, Sabah. I guess I am going to miss this place, but hey, I have five months left here, so, I better enjoy it [enjoy and study, I know!]

Anyway, here are the courses that I take for P6:

Methodology of Teaching Writing
The final Methodology course, and this time it deals with writing, how writing works, and how should we teach English writing to the students. Microteaching is inevitable. Haha~

Second Language Acquisition
As you all know, English is the second language of this country population, so we need to learn how humans acquire the knowledge and function with a second language.

Asian Literature
I don’t read a lot of Asian novels or such, so I guess this will be good to increase my understanding of the things that differentiate Asian literature from the rest. It’ll be good for my reading too, perhaps, I’ll pick up a lot of Asian novels after this.

Introduction to Shakespeare
Hi, it’s really nice to meet you again Shakespeare. Well, you get the idea, Shakey’s dramas and poems… and we’ll be staging a theatre too. Hooo~

Basic Data Analysis
As far as I know, it involves counting, one of my weaknesses… and it involves computers. What gives?

Classroom Management + Co-curriculum Management
I guess these two teach us on how to manage students in class and outside the class?

So, cheers to me for being a SIXER!!!

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