Sunday, 29 September 2013


Forgiving is one thing, forgetting it is another.

We know that the only way to achieve total peace is to just leave the matter that disrupts us behind and never to talk about it again, but sometimes, that thing is actually a predicament that we can’t let go. Why? If there’s one reason, it’s because that thing has fucked us a lot that we cannot bear to let it go lest we would forget the terrible event and make it happen again. We want to make amends with everyone else but the incident keeps on replaying, and we’re left thinking, “should I let my guard down?” Should we?

Sometimes, there are small problems that are caused by our own faults. I know that we are born with innate ability to defence ourselves, but there are moments when we need to just acknowledge the issues arising, I mean things can occur due to our misguided minds, but such small matters can be forgotten all so quickly, unless the people involved in the arguments create a big deal out of them and constantly remind us of those stuff. It’s the big matter that stoops us. We can’t even see the end properly sometimes and continue to just be wary of our surrounding, bracing ourselves for signs that may tell us whether it will struck us again, maybe even harder this time.

It’s hard to live that way. It’s hard not believing other people.

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