Sunday, 25 November 2012

You Live In My Heart

You live in my heart, like a parasite, you breathe in it, inhaling my precious oxygen, exhaling poisonous carbon dioxide. With you in me, I die slowly. The fact that I let you in even though it’s hurting me still baffles my mind. I try to distance myself because this is never right, but I am powerless against it.

You anchor your foundation deeply into the core and I can’t dig it out. It spreads rapidly and covers every inch of this heart; every cell now spells your name. The way you’re so beautiful, it damages me to think why I should fall this way, it damages me to not touching you, slowly but definitely. It damages me to see you, your eyes, the way they cast the light.

The way your eyes are beautiful.

You live in my heart, and I still breathe. I still say your name quietly when I sleep. You’re a nightmare that disguises itself as a sweet dream.

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