Tuesday, 27 November 2012


YOLO is the in-thing right now. In case you guys don’t know what YOLO is [really guys? Really?!], it stands for YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. If you have a Tumblr [which I do!], you will obviously know about it way earlier than the rest of the planet. [Off topic: TUMBLR RULES!!!]

Anyway, while some people are divided between what YOLO really caters to, I say, YOLO means you realise that we only have one life and if we don’t take the chances to do the things we really want to achieve, we may regret ourselves later.

Life is both long and short. Why long? Because, generally, you do live until like 70-80 years old, but it is also short since we give ourselves too little time to take the risks, to have fun, to make life counts and just do whatever good things we feel like to! Time flies like a swift dragon and every second counts. We can never turn back the clock.

So, cheers to YOLO! Do everything that will make your world happy in every possible way!

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