Saturday, 8 December 2012

I Will Still Be Awake Even When December Ends

Hello there!

December is perhaps the busiest and the most hectic month in my life [well, my life as a student of the Faculty of Education, that is]. There are lots and lots of work to be done.

I’ve two microteaching, one for Methodology of Teaching Literature [gonna teach my friends In The Midst of Hardship], and the other one for Methodology of Teaching Listening and Speaking [for this one, it’s all about personal pronouns, and I’m focusing on the speaking skill]. I’m so looking forward to micro-teach. Heheh~ Besides that, I will also have a solo performance during Minggu Kebudayaan. Solo performance of what? Reading a poem! I hope I’ll do great! ^^ Other than that, we should not forget about MTLS’ Creative Project and Exhibition, and also Japanese Language 2 Video Project [so looking forward to that. Our film is so ‘psycho’!!! Haha~]. Trust me when I say that after one work, there will be another one waiting behind. Heheheh~

Time just moves too fast. I can’t believe that I have been studying at INTEC for almost ONE year. Another year to go and I will go back to Sabah.

Time just flies.

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. 
Abraham Lincoln

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Barbara said...

What's with the hair?!

Oh hi, twin brother :)

Afiq said...

Haha~ I just want to get a longer hair~ Haha~

Hello, twin sister!!! ^^