Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Heroes of Olympus


For those who are wondering what the ef is ‘γεια!’, well, that’s ‘geia’ or ‘hi!’ in Greek. And if you’re wondering why a Greek phrase exists over there, it’s because I’ve just finished reading the third book of this great series by Rick Riordan, Heroes of Olympus. If you’ve read Percy Jackson before, this is actually a continuation of that series. The first book is set about six months after Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian.

Well, yeah, I know the series is targeted for, well, 9+ [as stated on the book], but Heroes is so damn good, I mean, with all those myths and legends and Gods and Goddesses and Heroes and fights and romance and… uhhh… everything. I don’t care that I’m [almost] 22!

Unlike the first series though, Heroes introduces the Roman aspects of the Olympian Deities. If you are a History buff, you’ll know that when Roman Empire conquered Greece, they actually took a lot of Greek things and changed them to suit their Roman nature, those things included Deities, and so we have Zeus or Jupiter, Poseidon or Neptune, Hera or Juno, Athena or Minerva, and a hell lot of others. Anyway, this time, besides Camp Half-Blood, there’s also Camp Jupiter, which houses the Roman community of demigods.

Since the universe of Percy has now been expended, we have new characters. Besides the old favourites, Percy and Annabeth, and Nico, we also have, from the Greek side, Leo and Piper, and from the Roman side, Jason, Hazel, and Frank. Of course, there are lots of other kind of Gods and monsters and whatever that hail from the Greek and Roman legends as well.

The premise of the story is based around the fact that Gaia [or Terra as the Roman form] is trying wreak vengeance upon the Olympians and Demigods and other mortal humans by waking up and destroying the earth [well, that’s one terrifying Mother Earth]. It’s a sort of an old feud between the Titans and the Olympians. So naturally, it’s up to the Greek and Roman demigods to unite [which is NOT something that they do the best, talk about American Civil War], and stop Gaia and other Titans and Monsters from coming back from Tartarus. And what’s best is that in order to fight them, our awesome Demigods need to fly and sail [Argo II is one great ship!] all the way to the Ancient Homelands, Rome and Greece.

That, my friends, is a heck of an adventure!

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