Thursday, 27 December 2012

Upside Down

UPSIDE DOWN is one film that really lifts my mind to two different sides, I mean it! It is based on the [more than slightly changed] Physics of Gravity, but it is not really a sci-fi movie though. Upside Down is more of a romantic movie with a little bit of humour and social issues and science thrown in.

The premise is kind of simple, let’s start with this narration:
We are the only known solar system with double gravity. Two twin planets whirling together against one sun, but each with its own and opposite gravity. Now in our world, it’s possible to fall up and to rise down.

I love Jim Sturgess [and Kirsten Dunst] in the movie, but the way he narrates the story in the beginning is cheesy and weird, sort of. Haha~ So, there are two planets, commonly known in astronomy as binary planets, and these two circle a sun and each has its own population. One planet is known as Up Top and the other Down Below. Rich folks live in Up, while poor ones stay in Down [Get the reason behind the naming scheme?]. No interplanetary interaction is allowed between both planets except through this mega-interplanetary-conglomerate, Transworld. This terribly unjust, Down-hating company monopolise and takes the resources from Down and piles them on Up, e.g., oil, but Down has never received the proper payment it should receive. Many people from Down have been captured sneaking to Up trying to find ways to survive. In a way, that mirrors our own world, only this time, the world is really two similar planets.

Anyway, the story centres on Adam, a boy from Down, who during his childhood met a girl from Up, Eden. Yeah, they fell in love but an incident occurred and Adam lost all contact with her, until 10 years later, when he saw Eden on this Up’s TV channel [the antenna must be so good, that Adam can watch a network from the planet above], and she’s working at, guess where, Transworld. Now, Adam is working on a beauty product based on this peculiar bees that will definitely attract the people from Up. Yeayy, now Adam can use his beauty formula as a reason to work there and search for Eden, but apparently, the incident that occurred 10 years ago causes Eden to have amnesia. What’s a lover got to do but to pull the strings together. You can expect a lot of trouble and gravitational interference between Adam and Eden.

Okay, to say that Upside Down is a movie that will turn your life 360° is too far of a stretch. It is just a simple movie with a grand out-of-the-world premise, some people will hate it perhaps, but that is why I actually love it. I mean, it’s a romantic movie for heaven’s sake, and it’s quite good, maybe a bit corny or predictable, but good. I love Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst. They look cute together. Other cast members also play their roles excellently, especially Timothy Spall. The concept of the planets and the science of gravity are great. I love the idea, but maybe for some people, they may take some time to sink in, since there are some rules regarding dual gravity. The visual is so so cool! What it feels like to live in a place where another planet lies just above [or below, it depends] you, what an eye-opener! So does the music, I love it! Upside Down has its flaws, but it is one beautiful love story.

Even gravity can’t pull two lovers apart.

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