Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ahahaha... NO!

I think it’s quite hard to give your own opinions nowadays right? You share your beliefs and people will just look at you like hungry wolves and shoot things straight at your head without even blinking. People are entitled to give their own views about things. That’s how the world should roll. Discussion leads to something beneficial for everyone, but no, if they like something, they just got to defend it as what they like is sacred. Others cannot say anything bad about it. Your honest opinions are like annoying mosquitoes during the summertime.

Like really people?

I guess if people are being a dickhead about what they are saying and start to mock and ridicule the thing that you like and say stuff that is not true, yes, then you have a right to defend it, but still, you must look what they say first. There are two sides on a coin. You may only look at your preferred side and abandon the other just because you don’t desire it. You propagate the thing that you like and trust it without ever judging whether it is a truth or not. What if, even if it is said in such an unfathomable, jerk-ish ways, they’re actually true? Do you still think that you should shield what you like with burning enthusiasm and face embarrassment?

We should just learn to review and understand the things that people are saying. It will never be as bad as it seems. At least by knowing other people’s judgments, you will know whether to choose the good or the bad.

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