Saturday, 17 August 2013


Dealing with pain is a hard thing, and I don’t mean physical kinds of pain. What I mean are those that are related to the heart. They come in every form you can imagine, and in many cases, they happen just because you are fighting the single worst enemy: yourself.

Aches that come in various ways: you suffer from bodily-related issues, self-esteem problems, or relationships, or sexuality, anything. The outcomes of those pains emerge in multitude of forms, visible scars, tears that are shed every night, anger, frustration, the feel of incompleteness.

More often than not, you will have people saying that they understand what you are dealing with. The truth is they don’t unless they walk in your shoes. Do they really comprehend the magnitude of the hurt that you suffer?

One bad thing that can happen is that they compare your pain with their own pain as if both are paintings in a museum. They say what you are going through is less severe or vicious that what they have experienced. The point here is, you should never judge the scale of the damage that one person has incurred based on your own. Do not ever mock someone pain, more so if you have never endured that kind of pain before. No one should feel that their problems are not of anyone’s concerned. No one should be made to feel that they don’t have the place to share their feelings and be left alone.

If there’s one thing, people may not understand, but at the very least, they are there to go through it with you, and that can take a long time, years maybe, a lifetime perhaps, but if they are there, ready to listen, ready to talk, and they believe in you, that lessens the ache. You have someone who is apt to share any happiness that you have later on.

Sometime, what people need is just love after all.

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