Thursday, 15 August 2013


I have not been writing a lot these days. I should begin to write, write more. Writing is the only way for me to get my feelings across, even if it’s vague, even if it’s bad, even if the words are disjointed at different places.

I am not a person who vents a lot. I keep too many things to myself, but I can’t keep all of them in my mind. I want and I always change them into the forms of letters. Every time I write, my mind flies to another dimension, so to speak. I will focus and focus on what I write until I am satisfied, and by being satisfied, I mean that what I’ve written is the less awful version of so many drafts.

I write because that makes me believe that I am less incomplete, less imperfect. I write because seeing black ink on sheets after sheets of paper or black digitised form of letter on the screen tells me that I can actually do something and do it without feeling that I am inferior to anyone else. I see the letters dance and form words that later creates strands and strands of sentences.

I write.

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ZeLL~LeaH said...

dude, to be frank, as a friend, you've inspired me to write. but still i can't top your ability in doing so. i can't be as creative as you. i'm still practicing. next time, publish a few of your writings in a newspaper or submit them to a competition or something. or maybe publish your own book! whatever it is, keep it up!

Afiq said...

Practice practice and practice. Who knows, maybe I will send some to any competitions. Haha. Publish in a book, that sounds nice too haha