Tuesday, 25 January 2011

毒果 a.k.a. Dú guǒ equals to ?

Went out with Zell one day because she wanted to take some shots of Kota Kinabalu with her new camera, and as an addition, looking for lens with longer zoom capabilities. Now I know why lens are much more expensive than the cams.

We went all around the city, from Warisan, Waterfront, Gaya Street, Jesselton Point, etc. I love Gaya Street since it has charming architectures that boast their own identity. Besides, it is also an old part of KK. I also borrowed her camera and shot the photos below [yeah, not that pro!].

[P.S.: I love Big Apple's cheese doughnut!]
[P.P.S.: In case you're wondering why it's DOUGHnut instead of DOnut, the reason is people make DOUGHNUT with DOUGH, not DO.]
[P.P.P.S.: and I think 'donut' is American English.]
[P.P.P.P.S.: and yeah, I know 'and' shouldn't be in front of a sentence.]

Chinese lanterns on the long pedestrian bridge
Gaya Street [not the street... the location!]
Jesselton Hotel, established 1954 [this picture was taken by Zell. I like it, that's why it's here].
Shutter, f-aperture, bla3x...
Cheese doughnut is the best flavour ever...
Daily Express in one of many Sabahan newspaper company. The paper is primarily English with Malay and Kadazan languages pullout. Neat, eh?
Hainan building in Gaya Street
The Tugu Peringatan Malaysia in Gaya Street
A building's façade

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