Thursday, 20 January 2011

A psycho guy needs to be counselled with the use of proper [lɪŋˈgwɪstɪks]... Duh~!

Self-reflection after almost four weeks in class…

Oh wait, here’s the list of the course I’m taking for the first semester:

EDU404 History and Philosophy in Education

EDU430 Introduction to Guidance and Counselling

EDU550 Educational Psychology

TSL420 Literature in English

TSL426 Linguistics in Language Teaching

CTU551 Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia

…OK. Now back to self-reflection.

Numero uno, being a KO is such a stressful stuff sometimes, especially when I’m a bit ‘blur’… LOL.

The lucky number two: I am so in love with Linguistics! I know all the articulations, and phonology, and etc are a bit hard at first, but linguistics is such an awesome subject, especially when the reference book is user-friendly, entertaining, and actually funny!

Tri is Greek for three. My foundation’s CGPA is 3.43. I wish it is higher than that, but I guess I should just stick to that. I will work for it now that I’m in degree!

The fourth point: For Literature, the approaches that our lecturer used for this subject is actually quite fun, but it’s still too early to say more. Let’s just see.

I’m actually still figuring out about the other courses, not that I don’t like them… Haha. Maybe it’s because we are learning them for the first time. So far, Psychology is very entertaining to learn, History and Philosophy… I have practically nothing to say. Warghhhh~! Guidance and Counselling, I am starting to like it. TITAS, the lecturer just came in this week. So, NO idea!

Anyway, tomorrow’s Pesta Angpau! Can’t wait for it!

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