Saturday, 1 January 2011

This is Our Destiny

Sebelum pulang ke Gaya!
Hangpa jangan pikir bukan-bukan! [tidur lak si Nana ni...]

So, we had an orientation known as Minggu Destini Siswa in UiTM Sabah, Kampus KK. Why did we have our orientation there? UiTM Shah Alam told us to do so. Nevertheless, UiTM KK is not for TESL students, so our presence there actually put hardships to the Peers Mentors [PM] and not to mention, US!

I mean, during one time, we just sat in the hall and watched the students from other courses [like Accountancy, Banking, and Tourism just to name a few] listened to their lecturers talking about their courses. Like usual, if there's orientation, there will be lots of taklimat and ceramah. That equals to sleep [but not all, okay], haha! Like my friend said, “boring mau mampus”.

Did I forget to mention I [and one-half of my class] got sick? The halls' temperature was set to the bone-freezing 16°C. Untuk urang kurus macam sia, mau sakit jadinya. Kesejukan melampau. Haha. The food? Terima ja la bah! Kita duduk di tempat urang, makan-makan jak la.

Anyway, this is not to say that we didn’t learn anything. I managed to learn two UiTM songs, OBE or Outcome-based Education, and some other things beneficial to our studies. Abang-abang and Kakak-kakak PM, each and every one of them is nice and tough [and scary] at the same time. Hey, it’s their work! If we were tired, they must be much more exhausted.

The orientation was over, no more sleep under 4 hours, and no more “Siap kamu!” from kakak PM.

Now, we’re back in Maktab Gaya, and with utmost pleasure, sky-high happiness, and overall positive feeling, the students of SM are now in Degree!

[Lupe lak... Yang paling tak menahan, bebudak siswa-siswi UiTM yang sebenar suruh kitorang nyanyi Sabah Tanah Airku... Haha... Kitorang dah ade kat Sabah 1 ½ tahun la... Tutup mata pon dapat... Haha]

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