Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Existence~ Hahah~

So, this happened

I woke up one day to go to INTEC. It was quite early in the morning but as a dedicated student [~vain], I had to do it since my class started at 8.30am. My roommate also had a class with me that day at 10.30. The funny thing was, after I woke up, I saw him surfing the net, hands on the keyboard and all. Usual thing, I guessed. Anyway, he didn’t go to the class that day.

He knew he had a class, so why did he skip it? A few days later, he told me that I didn’t wake him up? Queer, big time. I told him I saw that he was wide awake. He said, no he didn’t.

So now, my theories:

a. My eyes creatively made a mental image of him
b. He was sleepwalking or in this case, sleepsurfing
c. Is there something else that I should know about?

But life in Cemara has been pretty good so far… blergghhh~ I think a lot of other people experienced things even more horrifying than this… not that this is horrifying. Meh~~~

2 hecks:

ZeLL~LeaH said...

bhaaa......jagala kau fiq..haha

Afiq said...

Hahah~ Tgk la sapa yg kana~! Hahah~ Men2 lak kite~ Dui gia~ >.<