Monday, 14 May 2012

Fragments and Chaos

As far as I see it, I can’t help but trying to fathom it. I sighed then, I am sighing now, I will sigh again after this. “The way you slipped into my mind when I am asleep, it brings me nothing but sorrow and the inability to close my eyes the whole night.”

What kind of magic have you given to me? How could you be so mean? How could you just leave your body, turn into an astral projection and then climb to my dreams, here and then, now and again? The shirt is sweaty, the night is as hot as ever, but the blanket is still on me. I am cocooned in a protective mode. I want you, but have you ever seen me beyond anything else?

Now, I’m left with just fragments and chaos. I wouldn’t think so much of those things. I’m a shadow without a body. A shadow only exists with light: you are the light, you are the shine. I followed you then, I am still following you now, I will, for all that might happen, follow you in the future. But as I see it, I can’t help but denying it. When you see me stalking behind you, you ought to shut your radiance, and I will cease to exist as your shadow again. I see that, I shall never be behind you again.

I’m just fragments and chaos. I’m a shadow. I’m gone from this world. Maybe you’re not cruel.

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