Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Piece of My Mind on Book Stores

A walk into a book store for me is always like a walk into a world of fantasy.

A book store is a place teeming with universe after universe of knowledge. Emotions of every kind linger in one place and another. Every book is special. Every book acts a bridge that leads to new destinations. Every book is the key that can open different kinds of doors. Every book has a soul only waiting to be touched by hands that are ours. And I must state here: without books, even our souls don’t have a definition.

All books have words obviously: printed words mostly in black permanent ink. Words are not meant to just stay still on pieces of white papers. Our mind should give them the chance to dance here and there. Let the imagination runs wild and strong, that what words do to us. Words are like music, the rhythm enchants people into delving a lot more. Words are like flowers, the beauty puts people in awe. Nothing can ever challenge the words printed neatly in the books.

And as one person that goes by the name of Alex has stated: for some people, a book store is a candy store. For me, book stores are like shops selling different types of chocolate. I can’t help but to be a kid once more each time I let my feet touch the floor that is the book store. The sweet scents of the pages of the book are inviting, the colourful covers are feast for the eyes, rows after rows of book, in shelves, on the tables… one can’t help but to just flip open all those books, savour the intensity of the language offered, laugh when you stumble upon something funny, nod yourself when you are in agreement with another thing, get deep into the whimsical or logical minds of the authors.

I can stay for so long of a time in any book stores.

Book stores are a wonder for me. If I could grant myself a wish, I would like to have a book store for myself.

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