Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Think Good Thoughts

The need to post this is high… heheh

Rather than thinking bad about what other people have done to us, wouldn’t it be better to just accept or think good about the things that happened? I feel that most of the times, we tend to try searching for the flaws of anything, even if they are really just nothing at all. Look, yeah, so we hate someone/something, but well, they are supposed to be like that [e.g.: the attitudes of the commanders of Kesatria Negara, among others]. [Errr… if you see this, uhhh… hi?]

You can expect to have the world to treat you perfectly all the time, isn’t it? Sometimes, what I want to do is to forget or at least, not to dwell on what seems to be bad to me, directly or indirectly. People just destroy themselves with hatred and stuffs, that’s what they do. Little things get escalated to a giant mass of, I don’t know, first-world crisis? Even problems that existed like two, three years ago get back to the present time. I think we should just stop negative thoughts. Yes, it is hard. Like when in exam, and you think you have done wrong, you start to feel that, oh, I'm gonna fail... I guess a little is okay to get you going, but a lot will just make you suffer.

The same goes to relationship. Even if you not in agreement with someone else, or your bond ends suddenly, blaming the other party is not going to help you in a long term. It's not good to put a shade of black on what used to be a great.

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