Monday, 15 November 2010

Howdy Mate? I love Country Music!

Just want to tell you how much I love Country Music. Yeehaaawwww!

I know most people in this nation love Pop, or Rock, or R&B, or Rap/Hip-hop. I also love them, but one of my top favourite genre has always been Country.

Want to know some Country artists? Here’s the list:

Blake Shelton

The Band Perry

Eli Young Band

Josh Turner

Luke Bryan

Jason Aldean

Brad Paisley

Miranda Lambert

Carrie Underwood

David Nail

Little Big Town

Dierks Bentley


Justin Moore

Lady Antebellum

Rascal Flatts

Taylor Swift

Zac Brown Band

Keith Urban

Err… okay, the list might not be ‘some artists’, but anyway, I love them all.

Why do I love Country?

The songs are great. I love the music, the beats, the melodies… You know, the sounds are soulful [for slow, R&B kind of music] or really, really up-beat and enthralling [for those rock-like], and of course there are mixtures of both. I think you can’t find vibes like Country anywhere else: the way all the guitars, pianos, harmonicas, violins, and banjos being played together are just captivatingly awesome.

Besides, unlike most of other song genres, the lyrics are still meaningful, well most of. Country songs really captures the Americana spirits well, from a night in a Saturday party, summer in the south, to love for family and friends, or just to get you get back up, find courage, and fight, or how this girl on the street captivates you, and even tell us stories deep down inside. The lyrics are alive with emotions, and lively with beautifully crafted lines.

Anyway, if you can see the list, you know that many of them are real Country [well, if you never heard them, then most probably they are true Country, but as a disclaimer, their songs are not TOO Country. I don’t live in the 50s!], but in recent years, there is this phenomenon known as Country Pop. Some artists like Tay, and Carrie are among the prominent crossovers. Now, I’m not saying I don’t like them. I love their songs, but in the best cases, their songs’ are labelled Country when it is only some banjos, or guitars playing in the background. We’re lucky we have lots of other artists, which still play the music Nashville’s known for.

So, to all out there, plug your ears to some music from Tennessee, and the rest of the South [of the US, I mean], and be basked in the spirits of the folk music you can move your feet into!

Country Music is the coolest music in the world!

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