Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Life as We Know It

Two more papers to go~!


Still, how well did I do in my LDS and LDV papers?

Language Description:

I think I did quite well. I mean of course LDS is like the hardest paper [since it’s regarding to grammar and its rules], but if we understand it, then it will be a breeze… LOL. Anyway, we were lucky we had a mock exam before this, so we could know about the format and types of question that will go out for the real one… Huhu… So now… I am hoping I will pass this paper~!

Language Developmnent:

I got carried away in my essay writing and it’s not even the free essay one. It’s the guided writing, that was supposed to be written about 200 words, but in the end I wrote three pages long essay. Well, I think that what you get when you are given the contents to write about and the thing to write about is Facebook… Haha… Everything else? Alright I think.

And in case you’re wondering…

I have watched


This movie is now under my favourite list.

Katherine Heigl [as Holly] and Josh Duhamel [as Messer] sure make a good couple… I think they are adorable, charming, and have a great chemistry. Baby Sophie too, is like really, really lovable~!

That’s all folks~!

See ya’~!

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