Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Much Ado About Exam... LOL!

And the


final exam is OVER~~~!!!

After two weeks toiling [I think I spend most of the time NOT studying] with the papers and had group studying with friends, all I can say is

*shining eyes*

It’s OVER! Freedom! End of foundation!

For ES and SS, where am I?

English Studies:

Pigeon Woman? What kind of woman… err… poem is that? Anyhow, I hope I did well in ES. Literature is a bit hard, but I know I can do it, and I think did it quite well… I am enjoying literature. Haha… Short story, Two Kinds – bull’s eye! Yaaayyy~! For Macbeth, my friend predicted a question, and guess what, it came out! Super Yaaayyy~! To Kill a Mockingbird, we did that question a number of times before. So, as the final words here, all ends well, the deed is done… LOL.

Social Studies:

Wow, I think I was quite confident answering the questions, so confident that I even answered each of the two questions in section B [choose two out of four] in about two pages [berapa banyak two daaa~], although I know that it clearly stated that the length must be between 300-400. OK. That’s so wrong, but it feels right. Nyeheheh! Section A was well organised… Haha. Global warming, everyone heard about that [snobby here??? LOL]. So, social studies, I hope you will treat me well! Woohoo~!

*light from above*


Now is the long wait for…

*manly TV voice*


I just hope that I will not get under 50 for even one paper, or else… Fly to Sabah and take the paper again, DURING THE HOLIDAY!

Pray pray pray~!

[Well, well, well… MUET is still on the corner… Gah gah gah]

Till then, chiao!

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