Friday, 12 November 2010


Rated R? It’s so overrated. I never even listen to the album’s tracks, just because I think if someone creates an album after a dark event, the songs will be moody, and well, moody…

Anyhow, our bad girl Riri is back [what’s with this girl? She always produces a new album in a short time span after her previous work… LOL], and this time, I think she’s so over with that you-know-what incident, and is having her old Barbadian spirit.


Is her new album, and Rihanna said:

"Loud is, the word, the name of the album definitely reflects the attitude of it, it’s really sassy and flirty and it grabs your attention and that’s why I enjoy it. It takes you through a really really interesting ride. So colorful the album.”

According to yours truly, this album lives up to name. It is fun, very catchy and lively. The list of tracks is as the following:

1. S&MDance and rock it out! One of my favourite though I don’t know what S&M is.

2. WHAT’S MY NAME feat. DRAKEOh na na… Drake only appears for a while but this track is awesomely catchy!

3. CHEERS (DRINK TO THAT)Sampling Avril Lavigne’s ‘yeah yeah’ singing, take many shots to this synth-laden track that will cheer you straight up [pun intended, if you know it]!

4. FADINGAn R&B track like other songs, but still good.

5. ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD)You should move to Greenland if you don’t move yourself to this electrifying track!

6. CALIFORNIA KING BEDWell, don’t judge a track from it name. It’s another good R&B track.

7. MAN DOWNRam pom pom pom, the melody and beats are not my favourite.

8. RAINING MEN feat. NICKI MINAJ See above [the collaboration with Nicki works though]

9. COMPLICATEDIt’s a ballad, but not balladish, it’s like a [good] pop track for me.

10. SKINRihanna trying to be sexy, and raunchy… Euwww~! LOL.

11. LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE Part 2 feat. EMINEMFrom Riri’s POV, this is more into guitars and piano. If you love the original, you’ll love this too.

Rihanna’s LOUD is overall a nice, ear-catching album. Try and let it play loud!

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