Thursday, 4 November 2010

It's தீபாவளி!

தீபாளி வாழ்த்துக்ள்

Just want to wish all Indians out there, especially my friends, have a

Happy Festival of Lights~!

Go and celebrate the victory of good over evil!

Don’t forget the maruku, briyani, chappati, ladoo, oil lamps, kolam, saree…

Deepavali Valthukel!


Had the greatest Deepavali in my life, and when I mean the greatest, I really mean it… since I never celebrate Deepavali before…

…and because Ilanggo had borrowed Miss Eva’s car [thanks miss for lending us your sweet Adam… Haha…], we could go for the celebration at Mr. Bala’s house. The food was scrumptious; we had mutton curry, chicken kurma, veges [lotsa mushrooms], dhal, chicken wings, appalam, home-made poori [by home-made poori, I mean that Amirah, Rachel, Raihan, and I did it. Haha, social studies in practice], and sarsi as the refreshment.

Oh, not forgetting some money from Mr. Bala… Haha... Never thought that we will get purple packets on Deepavali… LOL.

By the way, BI Group 2 was also there. That was not surprising since Mr. Bala is their lecturer. We [as the students of SM] are grateful enough that he invited us to be there. Thanks Mr. B.

On Sunday, Langgo, SNY, Ena, and me [oh, plus Adam... LOL] went to Likas for another Deepavali celebration. This time, it was grander as it was organised by MIC Sabah. We got to eat curries, chutney, vadai, idli, dhal, thosai, and lots more... Heheh...

I really appreciated my college life. It gives me a great opportunity to learn other people’s cultures.

So, again, to everyone who celebrates Deepavali

தீபாவளி வாழ்த்துக்கள்

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