Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Let Go

Sometimes, you just tend to forget that time just flies, fast, unstoppable. When you know it, one more year had passed. A book is closing, and you can see the flyleaf of another one.

Growing up is about the things you learn as you go through your days. I learned a lot. Learning life is the easy part. Trying to exceed others expectations? It’s hard. I don’t want others belittling me. I don’t want to go back to the past because many occurrences hurt.

People are entitled to see me with the way they want to see me. I don’t have rights to deny it, unless what they’ve seen is totally not myself, and I don’t have power to control people around me.

My life is not flawless, but I’ll try to make it at least perfect from my side of the fence. Just one thing, every now and then, what others do and the way they perceive yourself, all hurt, even if it’s true, because you don’t want them to put the light on you in that kind of way, or treatment.

I get the idea, really. Let’s just say, at least I’m glad.

Time goes on.

This year’s ending, next year just around the corner. I want to forget. Miseries, sorrows, sadness, never ending phobias of everything, I want to forget, not that I had much of those all these years. Not all bothers me.

This is me, around the clock. I don’t put my emotions outside to be seen by others. I don’t share my day. I don’t say some things as often, but here is the place.

Life goes on. Changes? Step by step. I need to.

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