Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Kids are Alright

It had been like, what… seven years… since I last stepped my feet in any primary school. I guess between my time and the time now, many things have changed – from the attitudes and thinking of the new generation [you can talk with my niece if you want to, and she’s six years old], and of course, our national education system. We had KBSR/KBSM before, now we have Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah or KSSR – with the addition of thinking skill. KSSM will come soon, I think.

Well, at least I got a glimpse of how educators teach primary school pupils since my friend, Villy, and I got to go to SK Sri Gaya for The Principles and Practices of ELT’s observation. It was a coursework, really. Not forgetting, we met four trainees from IPG Kampus Kent, Tuaran there. They are still doing their SBE/PBS as of this date.

So, we spent two days there seeing and recording how a teacher teaches a primary school’s class. It was fun really, being in the classes with Mrs Soo Na Fung, watching her in action with all those Standard 1 and 4 pupils. They were an active, fun, loud-talking and playful lot, participating themselves in every activity, and were very motivated and eager to learn English. Not to mention, really, really good in the language too, and I’m not just saying about S4 only, I’m talking about S1 too. The writings of those 7-year-olds were much better than me when I [and I think I’m not far-fetched in saying the writings of all of us too, wouldn’t I?] was the same age. Guess KSSR really gives benefits to them. Lucky guys… I mean kids!

From what I’d experienced there, primary school pupils are actually fun too! [Well, not really sure if I could teach them though… hahaha]

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