Saturday, 3 September 2011


Hey guys! How was your Raya?

Well, this year, my Raya was so packed [with family members, that is]. The house was crammed with my brothers and my nephews and nieces [some of which are around my age… ngiahahaha], but that was good, didn’t it? This year’s Raya was great as usual, with all the biscuits, rending, ketupat, baju melayu and all… though being 20 caused me not to get a lot of duit raya.

Now… if I have the energy, I’ll do my assignments [kantoi tak buat!]

2 hecks:

Ibrahim Ismail said...

I got more duit raya when Im older

Afiq said...

Lucky you! Hahaha~
You are supposed to be the one who gives the duit raya... hahaha... just kidding