Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Trust

Learning is a responsibility. Everyone knows that right? We are always reminded that we are trusted to learn all the things we are supposed to in a good manner.

That basically means not to play truant, behave properly in the class, finish our work on time [I believed most of us finished our tasks on the eleventh hour… hahaha… but that’s still alright], pay attention in the lessons given, and most importantly:

Respect our educators [A.K.A. lecturers]

If you are not giving your utmost attention, how will you learn then? Even if the lectures are boring, or hard, or are being carried on for a long stretch of time, they are the things you live for now. Lecturers have given their hardest to teach us, yet we still play and play and play. Games, surfing the net, boyfriends/girlfriends and all can wait. What’s the purpose of acting ‘cool’ even though the lecturer had reproached you for doing something bad in the class? What kind of stupidity is that?
If you don’t respect your lecturers, you don’t respect the knowledge. Think about it.
Just think.

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Barbara said...


But what happens when you get a lecturer that babbles non-stop and not academic-related? And there's a whole lot more story adding to that. (Will tell you when I see you)

I would expect the lecturer to respect the students and vice versa.

Afiq said...

For me, sometimes, those non-academically related stuff are related to life and living aren't they? I think it's good to listen to what they say, because the things are kind of beneficial.

Unless, the things are really, really unrelated to the lesson/life and dragged for too long... hahaha