Saturday, 3 September 2011

Where the Waves Kiss the Shore

Random photos from Telaga Daing Beach – to be accurate, it is actually the beach behind my home. Went there with my nephews and nieces from KL and Alor Setar… well, you don’t have a beach in KL anyway [except Pantai Dalam and Pantai Baru, which are not even beaches], while Alor Setar is quite far from a beach, the only one I know being Kuala Kedah. Wait, is Pantai Merdeka in Kedah? Does it even exist? Heheheh~

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Ibrahim Ismail said...

Im positive its in kedah but the last time i went there was 15 years ago, due to the distance. Kuala kedah isnt really a beach where you can walk on the seashore. Glad to be in KK.

Afiq said...

So, Pantai Merdeka is quite far then

I'm a history buff and I really want to visit Kota Kuala Kedah. ^^

Hahaha~ Yeap, with Tg Aru, and all! >.<