Sunday, 28 March 2010

Popcorn n' Movie 2

Hey guys... It's my another self-made movie review... What a great movie to watch this time~!


Hiccup is a trouble-making, Viking boy who live in a trouble-prone village of Berk. That village is always under attack of dragons, lots of them. One night, while the village was attacked, he managed to captured the Night Fury, the rarest of dragons by using his catapult. Still, no one believes him. Nevertheless, while walking in the woods, he managed to find the Night Fury. Instead of killing it as the other Vikings, he befriended him, and thus the relationship of a human and a dragon begins. The others? You watch it yourself!

WHAT'S HOT - Great, great, great movie~! The film is dealt as if it was a live motion picture. The music score? Two thumbs up, it's like a real life action movie score. The cinematography? Mesmerizing, even without 3D. The plot movement? No fuss and easy to follow. Great CGs and characters. The ending is a bit sad... Nevertheless, the story is full of adventure and love for all of human and dragons (?). Love love love it~!

WHAT'S NOT - Nothing to worry about. It's so great, you will feel totally happy bout it... Happy watching!


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