Saturday, 24 July 2010

Final Hopes and Dreams

Final Hopes and Dreams

Standing on the pavement
that light's blinding me.
In this new old city,
Life's not what I expected it to be.
It does change.
If I'm hoping that,
something else would happen.
In this moment,
I don't care,
as I want to do the best I can.

This is not, my final hope.
I can do it,
as long I dream it.
I can have it,
as if I care what others think,
because it's my life that I stay.
Don't bother what they say,
to me.

Staying hard to not let loose,
I'm not an easy-saying person,
that I never wish to be,
though little by little,
I know I should open a bit, or more.
I might be suck sometimes.
I might make you mad many times,
but I tell you this,
being me, it's like being others.
I learn, to be me, a lot better.

This is not, my final dream.
I can do it,
as long I wish it.
I can get it,
as long as I believe myself,
because it's my life that I live,
because tomorrow starts today,
to me.

As long as I have hopes and dreams.


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