Thursday, 15 July 2010

I Won't [because I'm Listening to this Song at this Moment]

This is what we did today, just strolling around CP
and taking pics... Mostly in Times and Kaison [French? Japanese?].
Plus, I skipped today's sport practice [that is so BAD of me! Hahah].

Zell promoting her shortiness [is it the right word?] with the book, Short Girls
Eating at the Palm Cafe...
Aina's promoting Eyes Wide Open because of the eyes [ayat tergantung jer...]
Fred, beyond 2012, we will still have the earth, intact
Syed's not pregnant
Mini Umbrella~! [presented by Zell]
Loves [Fred, Aina, Syed Claus]
Mini Um and Fan~!
Mini Ums~!
No Smoking~! [Excited?]

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