Tuesday, 27 July 2010


What am I thinking now?

Have I learn a lot?

I'm still learning, I guess.

I learn to be a teacher. I learn to learn. I learn to give what I learn to my future students. I learn because I want to, because I want to be somebody. Somebody that the future me will be proud for.

I learn to say goodbye, because goodbye is not an end. Goodbye's just a word. Goodbye is when you know that in the future, you'll see them again, somehow, somewhere.

I learn to be free. Let myself be free. Discover every possibilities that come. Get my voice to be heard. It grows, and still grows. Learn to let loose more, little by little, because I'm not one before, and might still be, right now.

I learn to admit my mistakes, for making errors, is a quality, albeit unlike, that occur in all human, and no human have ever lived without making one.

I learn. What I've not learn? A lot more.

I learn. Not because I had to. It's because, that's what we all supposed to do.

Learn, and smile.

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