Monday, 12 July 2010



I was small, less than brave,
fearful, tearful, pretending.
If I don't have friend, I wouldn't just care.
Seven and alone, lonely except for home.
Have anyone think of what they'd did?
I think I doubt it.

Now is the end, I want to stop,
let my heart out, and breathe,
the oxygen I want.
Play on the field I want.
Discover every books and rewind,

Stumbled and laugh,
the pain's just one part,
the memory's another.
Learn again, answer my curiosities,
make my marks again and again.

Because this life's like,
oxygen I want.
I won't stop running and learn to glide,
swim through the misty air.
Once just comes once.

I was left before, but this feeling,
it won't stop now, or begin later,
the present is where I want to be,
and the life's like,

Oxygen I want.

Just like the air to breathe,
the oxygen to live.

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