Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Warau is Smile


We can't change fate. That is the truth. What we can do, is to accept it with open hearts and just suck it up and think of our future. The future will be different, that's for sure, but we'll still have places to hold on to.


It is funny to think again about what we have been through all this time. We learn, we grow, we laugh, we share our feelings, all together. We are crazy, perhaps the craziest bunch of people around here. That's something to be proud to. Well, maybe...


Some, or rather a lot of our tutors told us, and still tell us to seek knowledge deeply, not just for our days as the students, but in the days when we become the teachers to our children and ourselves. It's not hard to understand things but the hard thing to do is to explain what we understand to other people. We have a long way to learn.


Life is not about having sadness all the time. It is about how we conquer the sadness and change it into something positive that can flame us to be happy and work towards achieving it's contentment. No man's life is perfect, but no man's life is too bad to be good either. It's all about living and making it as great as we can, and we can.


Dreams do come true, after all. Our dreams are the testament of our life. We want to be this. We want to be that. We want to have this, or maybe that. Still, as true as dreams can be, it is upon us to take charge and turn it into reality, but don't let dreams to take charge in you. You may find yourself stranded somewhere far from your real selves.


Thanks to all the smiles you have give to me and all of us. I appreciated them all. It made my life a lot better. It made me a lot better. May God Bless You.

A r i g a t o u !

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Pinku no Ichigo Yuki said...

so meaningful.. i like ^^

Afiq said...

Thanks a lot... I appreciated it so much. ^^