Monday, 26 July 2010

Love... Unexpected

This all comes from a young adult who never have been in this type of feeling before. So, at any points, it may become a useless junk of crap [?] or start to look movie-like. If you are unacceptable to that kind of situation, please kindly move your cursor to the × above, thank you.

Being a human, that's what we are, we will never know our future. Heck, no one knows what the things installed for them. Nevertheless, we have the possibilities and choices to determine our lives, isn't it? But, what about love? An epic and amazing feeling that everyone will encounter a lot of times in our short lives on the face of the earth though there is definitely a time when we'll have this head-over-heels feeling over somebody. That somebody? Possibly one that we expected, or never unexpected before.

You fall in love with that one person from far-flung places, or the neighbour just beside your home. You fall in love with that somebody, your best friend for the last 10 years of your life or someone that you had just met in the last 10 seconds. You fall in love with someone you hated the most, because that person is mischievous, always made fun of you, or you could fall in love with this person who secretly admires you too. You fall in love in a romantic coffee shop, or maybe in the dirty bus stop.

The thing I want to say is, love comes unexpectedly, at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected place. If fate says so, it will be so. We may find ourselves watching someone, secretly because we, sort of, like them, but as what other human would do, and I think I would do the same too, we just look at that single person, leaving us with the question 'what if'. We left one place, and thought that this long-distance relationships won't work, just like 90% of the others [this is just an example], but, hey, it works, and as you think that that will work, fate has given you something unexpected, you'll go back to your hometown. Leaving your love ones here, meeting your love ones there. One moment ago, you thought, no way I will ever fall in love with that person. Moments later, something new grows deep in your heart.

You love that person with all your heart, that's for sure. No problems. You are being romantic [or may not], you treat her by buying that person gifts [or even not], or eating in a fancy restaurant [or just a warung stall near the road corner]. When love comes, everything is so nice, the world seems different, you just think about that person - oh boy, now I'm really putting in some movie scripts. When life tells you that you should depart from that person, you cry. You will not accept it. This is not true, this can't be happening to me. Basically, this is what most of us do. Surely, it's okay to be sad if anything goes wrong. No one can mend it but us. Time passed, maybe we can be better by a year from now, but I will still think of that person. We think love is only for that one, single human.

But - if I'm wrong, correct me on this - I do think love is the power that keeps human from hurting each other. Love is the engine that keeps us to put in trust to different people we love each, and every single day. Love is the feeling that keeps us awake every morning, knowing that our heart do long from somebody, one, two, or a multitude of person. because love is not about romantic relationship you have with this single person. Love is about the bonds that keep you going strong all over these years: Mother, father, grandparents, family, friends, teachers, even your pet kitten. You don't forget these persons just because you had just gave half of your heart to other one person. We are nobody to love for if not for them. We learn about this beautiful feeling from lots of people, in example, our parents, that give us love, and let us love them. We never learn about loving someone, if not for them.

Well, love is indeed, a great something. A feeling indescribable. For love is humanity. And love, it just come. Unstoppable. Unexpected. Just want to end this with something: You are nice, and you will find someone worthy of you.

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