Thursday, 22 July 2010

Waja Gemilang!

Today is the day of Sukan Antara Divisi ke-41 [41st Inter-Division Games] IPG Kampus Gaya and it was held, in guess what? Stadium Likas~! Wow... usually things like this would only be held in the college's ground... With bus, we arrived there in 7am. Early, but the feeling's great.... Huhuh. So, here're the highlights:

[By the way, I'm in WAJA]

AJK Pelepas:
I was the AJK Pelepas, together with Hamy, Fred, and Mussie. What AJK Pelepas? Well, we're actually the helpers of the people who said, READY?, GET SET, *Bang* [the sound of pistol]. Without us, each race cannot begin... So, we're pretty important I guess... Hahah... Loving it. Being the AJK is definitely satisfying and I learned a lot, and of course I can use it in the future.

For two weeks [including the days we had rain], we practiced and practiced for our procession. It was quite hard, since I have no experience of entering a procession before... Huhuh... But, it is great. We made an arrow formation, and stumped our feet so many times, and said 'Waja gemilang, ooo, Waja gemilang, huarghh~!'... Hoooooooooooooooo~! Our hard work definitely paid off, in the form that we won the second place. OK la... It may not be the first, but JADILAH~!

Waja Won~!:
We [my team, WAJA, yellow ok?] won a lot of medals in Track and Field, we won the second place in Procession and third place in Cheering, and one of our athlete grabbed the trophy for the best female athlete. We screamed and shouted and made some noise and cheered for our team and made Mexican Waves~! FUN~! So, what to say? We won, we won, we won! GO WAJA~!!! Hahah...

I think, that's it, guys...

One thing to say....


[For pics, watch the next post]

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