Friday, 16 July 2010

Scribbled Straight from the Heart

Scribbled Straight from the Heart

Will life be the same after this?
I doubt so.

Each picture taken now,
won't be the same with ones in the future.
Each joke is made,
but one less joke we get.
Every birthday we celebrate,
one less cake we'll have.

We can't change.
No, we can't.
How hard we want to do it,
it's harder just to think about it.
Still, let us hope, shall we?

Our destinies,
our wills,
they do cross their paths.

That's why we're here,
that's why we're together,
that's why we're never lost each other.

As far as the sun are from earth,
our love for all of you, and everyone around us,
the love is infinite, limitless, never to come to an end.
The love is the friendship that we'll always treasure the most.

Laugh, sadness, sarcasm [because I am always entitled to get one],
quietness [because we failed to do our tasks], loudness [that will never change],
craziness and weirdness [no sweat],
they don't come alone.
They come in all of us, and with all of us, they are shown,
and all that make us, US.


May God bless our friendship.
May God bless our lives.
May we live our lives.
Let us be together, closer when we're far apart.

Don't stop for hope.
For hope is in us.

To Ilanggo the Master-ji of Cherry, Jennie 'MarieAnne' Tie, Rararoma Rachel, TESLians (SM & SRs),
My fellow friends, no matter where they are.

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Pinku no Ichigo Yuki said...

heard bout that awful news.. so unfair ow

Afiq said...

yup... it's too unfair and hard for all of us... think bout their parents... just bcuz they're not bumiputra... T^T