Sunday, 10 April 2011

Creative Writing Workshop

With my classmate, Vileyrina Vitus
That's Mr. Robert Raymer, with the copy of his book, Lovers and Strangers Revisited
That's me, and Villy. Is my mouth a little bit pouty?!
It may not seem much here, but she's a pan-Asian
Mr. Raymer in action
The man in the front in Mr. Gerard, IPG Gaya's [my IPG] Head of Language Department [or as I like to call it, LangDept.]
The ambience

Being a student of IPGK Gaya does have its benefits. For instance, I got to go for Robert Raymer’s Creative Writing Workshop for free!

It was held yesterday by SPArKS in Wisma Anglican, and it was a blast. For some people, creative writing may not be their favourite thing to do, but not me. I love writing about stuff, and that workshop was really inspiring. Robert Raymer is an American expatriate who has been living in Sarawak for the past 20 years and has wrote a lot of fiction and non-fiction novels, and a magazine. The way he conduct his workshop was fun, with some dash of humour here and there, and many great explanation and examples. I really learnt many things that can help to organise my ideas.

Mr. Gerard Benjamin, Gaya’s Head of Language Department was also there, and I got to meet his friend, and the organiser, Mrs. Jude Day [which I mistakenly called as Jude Law… what the heck?].

So now, if nothing is happening in the future, the next workshop may be held somewhere in August, and I am pretty much looking forward to that.

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Borneo Expat Writer said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I'll link this to my own blog post! Keep up with the writing!

Borneo Expat Writer said...


Here's the link. Hope to see you at the next workshop! All the best.

clare richard said...

hi afiq, im your senior in marjon currently and im doing my dissertation on creative writing workshop. can u find me on facebook or just add me on my blog? there are things i'd like to ask about. many many thanks! clare richard :)