Friday, 1 April 2011

Words Like Roads


Like roads that

Crisscross the open heartland country.

Sometimes, the road’s blessed by rain

Of sanctity

That calms the season of scorching sunshine.

Sometimes, the road’s forgotten and fragile

Flooded with emotions

When an eclipse has dawn

Sometimes, the road sides are like nightly phantom

That consume fears, and enrage wildfires

Of destruction, unstoppable

Sometimes, a lullaby by the roadside

In colourful spring time

Melodious, an aural feast

Sometimes, a sudden cool breeze

Comes from cloud nine by seaside

And flying colours of a ship, passes by

Sometimes, a broken tree on the road

A halt, hard to remove

The debris lying all over

Sometimes, a dark long tunnel,

Light in the end

Closer and you’re free


Like roads

They lead

They stop



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