Sunday, 24 April 2011

To Go English

(Aussie, Kiwi, and Brit flags at Kundasang War Memorial)

I have come to a realisation [not really… it came to me years ago] that I talk too much… in Malay that is. Well, before another episode of ‘I look stupid when I talk in Malay’ happens, let me say that what I mean here is that as a TESLian, I converse a lot using my native language.

Of course I had set my goal that I would speak using English anytime soon, but it seems that it is not going anywhere. Some conditions kind of stopping me from doing it.

The reasons: I’m not convinced with myself. Yes, I like to write in English, but conversing with others using it is a whole different matter. I am afraid that my grammar would be tumbling all around [or tunggang-langgang… haha]. You know how I performed during TESL Night... wakaka. Honestly, of course people say ‘try first. Grammar will come sooner or later.’

The second cause, embarrassment. If people around you speak in Malay, will you speak in English? Suddenly the others turn to you with those weird faces if you have the guts to Britishspeak them… or it could be me who feels that. I’m so not blaming others here because one of the culprits is me too. When are we going to do this?

Maybe I should just go with the flow.

It’s just English, not some sort of carnivorous monsters [monsters are supposed to be carnivorous, isn’t them?] I’m facing with. People know I’m not a native speaker, need to build self-confidence and be comfy with it first, and then the language will be proper, I think.

Besides, one thing that I can be sure about, talking in English doesn’t make you forget who you are. It’s not like one day, I’m talking in Terengganuese Malay [actually I don’t know how to speak Terengganuese dialect … I’m not a good example for Terengganuese out there] one day and Cockney-accented English later forever.

*It’s bloody rubbish ain’t it?*

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Pinku no Ichigo Yuki said...

speak more and u'll go with the flow automatically.. haha been there done that but not yet successful. xD

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Hi Pinku no Ichigo Yuki! *can't itget any longer?* HAHA How's Plymouth?

You have your points there, bro.
We always learn the language best at its own respective country. However, if we don't have the environment, we've to create one.

We aren't becoming journalists, but teachers. And teachers have to speak with confidence. Not to mention fluency thrives more than accuracy.

I suggest you and your close friends to start speaking in English. I tell you, students can smell fear, and they'll bite us once we stutter.

Nadirah Jannah said...

Well, I'm sure about one thing. When it comes to TESL, people think us as English-speeaking-kind-of-people. Don't need to be that good or perfect for the language. As TESL-ian, [in my opinion] we also have flaws in speaking one as writing too.

You don't have to worry as much as I have to worry A LOT for the errors in both writing and speaking in English itself. You did way better than myself. [Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. Hehe.]

[Cakap English yang tak seberapa sama dengan tunggang-langgangkan bahasa ibunda sendiri, tapi lainlah kalau Bahasa Melayu kan? Haha. Pelik pula tulis dalam BM, jadi puitis nanti susah. Haha! ;D]

Afiq said...

Ummi: Yup. We will have flaws in the beginning, but when we learn more, that flaws will disappear little by little. You just need time. Blogging in English is one way to do that> ^^
BTW, thanks from the bottom of my heart too. >.<

Im: Definitely. Sometimes, I'm quite timid when it comes to talk with others in English. Well, need to erase that shyness away I think.
Yeah, you're right on one thing... Fluency is indeed important in Malaysian comunity... Haha
Personal experience? Wow. Got to start from now. ^^

Yuki: Haha... I'll try! No worries... ^^ Anyway, you're luckier a bit. There are so many Whitemen around you... Haha