Friday, 22 April 2011

Femme Fatale by Britney Spears

Brit’s back!

[Old news… err…]

Her new album, Femme Fatale, is capital A to the Awesome, well at least for me. Frankly, this is her first album that I have ever bought. Luckily it’s worth it - catchy, suited-for-the-club, stomping tracks are abound in this album. Some of its ballads are worth for listening too!

About the cover, Brit’s face on the 70s/80s inspired cover art is somewhat scary… Haha. Perhaps other photos inside the booklet are more suitable and beautiful as the cover art, though one photo is a bit too much! Lalala!

Of course, autotune is available on every track, but as long as the songs are great, maybe that can be forgiven… Heheh! The lyrics… you know she’s American, and yeah… you’re naïve if you think because the album does not have a PARENTAL ADVISORY sticker, it would be clean… Haha…

One more thing… I accidentally purchased the Deluxe version of Femme Fatale… Huhuh…

Till the world ends

Hold it against me

Inside out

I wanna go

How I roll

(Drop dead) beautiful

Seal it with a kiss

Big fat bass

Trouble for me

Trip to your heart



Up n’ down

He about to lose me


Don’t keep me waiting

I adore Till the world ends, I wanna go, Trip to your heart, Seal it with a kiss, Trouble for me, Up n’ down, He about to lose me, Selfish, and Don’t keep me waiting. Again, she’s proving herself worthy to the title of the Princess of Pop! Love it!

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DEAN said...

Tp ko xde lagu Scary ryte??? the one that available in Japan Deluxe Version... Well, lucky me, I got it as a present from WirelessKL... But I haven't drop over at the HQ cuz I'm in an exam week and busy lately hohohho.

and u accidently buy the Deluxe version. No, you lie, hahahaha

Afiq said...

Ceh... Nak bangga ka? Haha...
Tahniah la pasala menang... Bek amek cepat... Kang tak dapat... LOL

No... Aku memang terbeli pun... Masuk Speedy Video, nampak muka die, pastu bayar... Heheh!

DEAN said...

Yo la... Lucky bukan selalu... Nnti ak try pegi KL plak...

perlulah speedy video???

Afiq said...

Haha... Btul gak~! Heheh!

Yo la... psal tu Kedai Video yang aku selalu pergi dalam Centre Point jho~! Huhu

DEAN said...

LOL... Kewlass kau Maria...

Afiq said...

Sejak bile nama aku Maria? Huhu

DEAN said...

actually I still cant encode the meaning of the statement... So, I dunno