Friday, 8 April 2011

Topsy Turvy but Lucky

Two weeks of continuous assignments and quizzes really take its toll on me.

I’m experiencing burnout… Hahah. Coffee is what I drink in café these days so that I can stay awake in class.

No one has ever told me that quizzes play an important part in a university’s syllabus, that’s for sure. I can say that two or three weeks of continuous assignments and quizzes [they love us] caused [and still is] some pressure, but hey, quizzes are quizzes, and exam is *this* close, like 20 days close.

No more time to play, we have to get ready for it, though laziness will always bug us. Ed Psych, Philo Ed, and Guidance & Counselling need more attention from all of us here. It’s pretty obvious reading alone is not enough. One needs to complement it with a full comprehension.

Anyway, I still consider myself lucky, because let’s face it: all those head-cracking, mind-confusing, emotion-grinding tasks are what we call as challenges for our future career as GTs [Great Teachers!].

This is a student’s life, and that first war is looming. Meet you in the battlefield soon!

[P.S.: sorry for using words that are hypothetically metaphorical.]

This is what we did for the Earth Hour in our IPG. A [lil' bit crooked...] heart!
Soley Bear, for our dearest Mdm. Sharifah Mazni since it was her birthday.

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Nadirah Jannah said...

Is that the one that I've taken during Earth Hour? Nice~ LOL.

Good luck on your upcoming exam! (^^)v<---peace! Clovers on their way to give lots of luck for you and the rest of the seniors! :D

Afiq said...

Yup! Thanks for the photo! ^^

Haha... Thank you. We need lots and lots of clovers I think... >.<

[P.S.: thanks for the your mention of CLOVERS!]