Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Museum Freak

I have an affinity with… Museums!

I love to visit museums because they showcase the achievement of humanity and the histories of our civilisation, in addition to the exhibits on our natural world. In fact, I had made a promise to myself – once I’m in KL, I’ll make sure that I’ll pay a visit to the many museums there. KL has lots of them, like Forest Museum, the National Museum, Textile Museum, Telecommunication Museum, Numismatic Museum, and Islamic Arts Museum, to name just a few. Even museums themselves are masterpieces – some buildings that house the museum are old colonial architecture worth to be admired.

I don’t know why people said that museums are boring… Come on, if you’re not history buff, then of course museums are boring. Haha… [which means to say that those who said it are not history buffs…]

Of course here in Sabah, there’s Sabah Museum. To tell you the truth, it is *this* close to IPG Gaya, but I think I’ll make a bet that 90% of students here never go there. Haha. So, I went there and unfortunately… many sections are closed for renovations. Well, what to do?

[P.S.: you don’t have to pay if you bring your students card there!]

The entrance
European ceramic-wares
The skeleton of a Bryde's Whale
Ceramic... err... pillows. Were they unaware of the existence of cotton?
[the flags shown there are the 'Five Races under One Union' flag and the 'Wuchang Uprising' flag]
Blue ceramic
The findings under Kudat's Simpang Mengayau sea
Traditional handicrafts
Music assembles
Rungus' costume
Qing Dynasty's ceramic-wares
Beautiful painting
I can't remember the name... Huhu

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Nadirah Jannah said...

Haha. It's ironic, right?
To have a museum close to the campus, but less go there to see it. Hehe.

Last time I've been there was last year, on National Day holiday. Huhu. Really missed the moments there. Reading history facts, looking at the items there, walking around the traditional houses. Not to mention, the souvenir shop at 'Rumah Iranun' [if not mistaken].

Huhu. Now you mention museum, I wanted to suggest to you to go for Islamic Civilization Museum [a.k.a. Muzium Tamadun Islam]. Its information is all about Islam in Malaysia. :)

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Went there during our foundation years with some seniors. Had to pay some moolah because we didn't receive our matrics card yet. Can you imagine how young we were back then? The culture of visitng museum and galleries haven't been instilled in Malaysians yet.

Afiq said...

Ummi: Haha... Yeah.
I like the houses... They give me the sense of knowing the locals' way of living. ^^
Well, it's a tad far by feet... that needs to wait... Haha

[P.S.: sorry for the late reply... was doing my photomanipulation... Haha]

Im: Wow... that was a long time. Haha. Luckily it's just 2RM right? I pretty much think not so many Malaysians are having that kind of thinking yet, even now... Haha

Nadirah Jannah said...

I know. I mesmerized of the structures of each traditional houses. So into it! [love]
Well, if you have the time, you should go for it.

[p/s. Don't worry for the late reply. XD I understand.]

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Did you delete your recent post, or it was meant as a teaser?

Afiq said...

Ummi: Yah... I love the houses. Magnificent! ^^

Im: Haha... I don't do teasers... Haha. I don't think I had deleted any posts. >.<