Friday, 8 April 2011

Love is Wonderful, but a Heart is Delicate

Choices can be titanic or minute, and they can either make you, or break you. Among these choices, there is one big thing that we call as love. The truth, I have practically zero experience when it comes to this matter. In fact, it may even scare a hell out of me… if it happens that is.

20-years-old is still juvenile when it comes to love, or so I think. At this age, love is kind of troublesome. You are supposed to be learning about knowledge, not to have a bond with other people. All the same, let’s deal with it, it happens, and when it happens, you just can’t deny it.

A relationship is not about how well one treats the person, or how good one’s gift is to him or her. It is not even about fun. Being in a relationship involves two persons that have souls, and minds. It means that you need to have time, faith, and devotion to that person. It means that you need to face the consequences of the actions you make. It means that you’ll accept that person’s weaknesses, as that person accepts yours. It means that you are ready if things don’t turn well.

Putting your faith on other person is a terrifying thing, yet it might worth it. You can’t turn away from love. Your heart doesn’t need any more problem than it has now.

Love is wonderful, but a heart is delicate

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