Friday, 22 April 2011

Forgotten Pea

Another moment to just ponder at myself: can I be better in loving my family?

Have you ever think that it is such a nuisance if your parents call you all the time? Say, once a day? Yes… I thought of that sometimes… I was like ‘Mom, I’m fine here… No need to call me like every 24 hours… Ok?”

Then something struck me… I am adopted, and does being adopted means that I have a better position than, say the grandchildren of my parents? Well, according to my brothers, it’s a yes.

Being adopted just doesn’t give you the permission to be disloyal towards one’s parents. I am grateful that I was adopted. Even if my parents are both 70-years-old and pensioners, I have a better life when compared with my other 10 siblings. I am lucky that I know my real parents because my adopted parents want to. One younger sister of mine who is under the care of other people is not that lucky.

See, 70-years-old is an age when you just need you children’s love. I realise that. My brothers are married, and of course, the birds need to leave the nest. I was left alone with them. They love and care for me like I was of their own blood. Later, I was the next to go by continuing my education. Parents were left on their own. We now meet only twice a year – a mere three months. That’s pretty short.

While, I admit some kind of freedom was achieve, but I still feel different. No sights of mom and dad who love us, who take care of us, who cook for us [don’t tell me your mom, or dad, never feed you with their hands… and being 20-years-old is not the sign that we should stop it… Muahaha]. I only listen to their voice through the phone. The same questions all the time, but one day without that call, it starts to get weird.

So, to children out there, always treat your parents fairly, even if you’re adopted or if you’re of their blood. A forgotten pea just doesn’t grow well.

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Nadirah Jannah said...

Seriously, adopted? Woah, really surprised right now. o.O

TO be honest, I do agree about love for family, though they're not your real parents. I realized that family bring impact for their kid's future. ;)

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Being a foster child doesn't make you any different than biological children. Sometimes, better. I could see that you're very matured in dealing with things. You just don't take things for granted.

If you don't mind sharing how your foster parents reveal the news to you, and your reactions as well as the story of "One younger sister of mine who is under the care of other people is not that lucky."

Afiq said...

Nad: Yeah. I have 14 other siblings, and 4 of them [excluding me] are adopted.
True... Parents do bring impacts to their sons and daughter. ^^
We don't know how they feel when we're not around with them.

Im: Haha... Sometimes I do think that I am not that matured, by progressing towards it... Heheh.
They take great care on me until now. I guess there is nothing else I can do besides repaying them back with being a good and successful son. ^^

Well, I don't really know how to tell you about my story.
It was like I was born with this innate knowledge that I am adopted. I was 5 at that time, and was not surprise or sad when I knew I was adopted [movie much?].
Of course I am happy to know my real parents, and it's a privilege don't you think so? Not all people can claim that they have two families... Haha

About my other sisters and brothers, I have never met all of them. Maybe they live far...
My younger sister's parents are not to keen on letting their daughter to visit my parents.
Are they afraid that she would go back to them? I don't think so. Somehow, they are ridiculous.

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Oh thank GOD, I thought her step parents are abusing her *the influence of movies and fairy tales much here* Haha. You know what, you're one strong guy. Learn to adapt to the situations, and even proud of it. I'm happy for you, son.

Afiq said...

Haha... Were you thinking about Cinderella? Heheheh.

Thank you very much, Bro Im. People should be proud of his/her family isn't it? ^^