Saturday, 14 May 2011

Barbie Party! [Barbie is Aussie for BBQ!]

I just love BBQ!

The last day of our exam was the 9th of May, and later that evening, as a celebration of the end of our exam, we went for a barbeque at Teluk Likas. Among the food served were fried rice, honeyed BBQ chicken wings, and frankfurters. Everything went pretty good, except in early part of the BBQ, when we needed 10 people just to light up a single fire! Haha…

Not forgetting, Mdm. Sharifah Mazni, our tutor, and Ms. Eva were also invited to our party. Ms. Eva will be migrating to Australia [specifically, Melbourne, Victoria] and we just wanted to have some last moment of fun with her. She never taught us, but she’s a great and friendly tutor. We’ll miss her!

Some photos!

Ms. Eva
I know I'm not photogenic... Haha
The class!

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