Friday, 6 May 2011

Don't Kill the Kid inside You

A makeshift hut made from wood, or reciting a self-made story in your backyard, or playing with a teddy bear without nose, or planting seeds in hope that a garden would grow, or reading a comic book.

In what age do we forget what it’s like to feel like a kid?

The world travels around its orbit, and inch by inch, cell by cell, we grow up. Things change, so does perceptions. Simple things that we treasured in the past seem to have little in value nowadays. Teddy bears are thrown away, old stamp albums lost somewhere, no more play. People just become mature too fast sometimes. It’s the end of your childhood, its memories, and simplicity. Of course growing up is not an option, but leaving your childhood memories behind is not an obligation.

I don’t want to banish my childhood. I want to keep it alive. I still want to go on board on a new adventure, sounds cheesy, I know. I mean everything is an adventure if you look closely – a journey to new places, when you get really excited over the new things [not physical things actually…], when you are having a chocolatey feast.

Imagine... the most powerful verb on the whole wide earth, besides pray, hope, and love. Get those juices flowing. Imagine you're flying by holding balloons to float and paper cranes to guide you left or right, imagine confetti from the trumpet in the sky falling on you, imagine a great typography that you always wanted to do. Every kiddo part of you will manifest itself on a canvas.

As big as I am, I still want those good memories to stay, because they mean so much to me.

Don’t kill the kid inside of you.

3 hecks:

Ibrahim Ismail said...

There are times when you run freely. I could see the child in you. ;)

Nadirah Jannah said...

I wish I could be as joyful as a 7-year-old girl.

Keep this in mind. There is always the senses of a young child in us. :)

Afiq said...

Im: Haha... and I thought the corridor was empty...

NadJ: Everyone has it... but like what I read somewhere, there are certain times when people starts to forget the ALICEs inside them.