Saturday, 14 May 2011

From Kundasang to Keningau!

Two consecutive trips! One to Kundasang, and the other to Keningau! Tiring, but fun [and as expected, I spent lots of money, but… haha…]

Trip one: Kundasang/Mesilau

With my friends, Zell, Aina, and Fred, we went by car to Kundasang. The journey took us about two hours via the very hilly and zigzagging road of Crocker Range. The scenery was amazing though. This trip carried us to the factory of Susu Segar Desa [Sabahan: Susu Sagar Desa… heheh] in Mesilau. I love the place. Very New-Zealand-like, but… it was infested with the smell of the by-product from the ‘boh’s. Well, that’s what you get if you have hundreds of cows roaming the place. Haha.

Then, we visited my favourite place in Kundasang, the War Memorial. A nice place, I tell you. It’s a tranquil and peaceful place, with its panoply of flowers, and history.

Below: Kundasang War Memorial

Trip two: Keningau

The next day, we went to the hometown of one of my classmate, Keningau, a town [pekan, actually] in Interior Division! I went out from West Coast Division for the first time! The journey with Tung Ma Nui Luk Express Bus took us around two hours through [again] the hilly and foggy road of Crocker Range.

We were supposed to go to Tenom after arriving in Keningau, but seeing that the journey will take another couple of hours, we decided to go to Bunsit River. The water was really cold, and the current was quite fast, but we had fun.

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