Monday, 23 May 2011


Time flees. It never waits for anyone. Each second passes, and we’re continuously getting old. The question: have we achieved the things that we wanted to have or to do, or did we postpone the process of doing it to a ‘better’ date?

If we really think that way, then most possibly many of us will never ever see the light. We can’t see the things installed for us tomorrow, let alone be sure that we will have the time to do something good in the future.

Sometimes, the launch pad to kick-start ourselves is already in front of our eyes. The only thing to do is to plunge into the risks. Everything has risks – even taking a course like Teaching has risks – but if you start to begin, understand and love the things you do, then it’ll be a breeze.

Things can change under a fraction of a second. You could either be victorious, or lose in the tough battle.

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