Monday, 23 May 2011


She sat on a secluded corner of the park, and was hiding her pretty face between her smooth palms. The night was starless, only to be radiated by a brightly lit tall lamp, its light created a long silhouette of the girl on the dew-ridden bed of grass. Something happened, and she could not bear to accept the consequences. For a long time, she had never let herself to cry, but now it was all too much. She felt as if she was left to deal with the mess by her own.

And then, she heard a faint ‘hey’.

She looked up, and saw a boy sitting next to her. Slowly, he reached out for her hand and hold it firmly. He wanted to say something, but he could not. In that silence, all he could think to do was to smile. She gazed at the boy’s eyes, and for once, pieces of hope seemed to be planted in her heart.

4 hecks:

Nadirah Jannah said...

How I wish it happens to me, in that way.

Afiq said...

Who knows? maybe soon? ^^

ZeLL~LeaH said...

awwwwwww~~~~~~~~~~ x)

Nadirah Jannah said...

I hope so. :D